Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Old?

Its official, Kimberly and myself are now homeowners. We purchased 1445 E Englewood, Fresno CA 93728.

We have gone to Lowes/Home Depot a few times and end up looking at things like: trees, ceiling fans, lights, paint, door locks, flowers, air conditioners, wood floors etc. I have mentioned to her several times; Dang we are getting old, these are the kind of things we are looking at buying. We even watched a home tv show on landscaping tonight. Lord please help me to enjoy being 23 and not 50. Different seasons of life. I will update some pictures on here of the house b/c we are going to be doing some fun and new things to the house and want to document the before/after of it all. Thanks for your prayers and love.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lack of Patience

I have never been a man of much patience and that definetly shows itself to me now. Kim and I were suppose to close on our House (the one pictured below) last thursday but currently do not hold any keys to it. Friends from the neighborhood have told me that this was the most stressful thing that they have ever done in their lives and i am beginning to see just a piece of that. I think that is way to big of an overstatement but i see this is a big stress hurdle that needs to be overcomed soon. I don't want to bore you w/ all of the details of everything (whoever it is that may be reading this) but we are experiencing a few set backs that need to be overthrown. Kim and I are seeking God in this and as of recently i have been reminded that since i believe that Kim and i are following God on this adventure of house purchasing and relocating into the neighborhood we serve that we need not take ownership and control over everything where we are not letting God be who he is. Brad's sermon was another reminder to me that the best thing that we can do is let God be God. All else is secondary and how love for him should be ever increasing.

Who am I to try to take things into my hands and be frustrated over anything?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Engagement Photos

Here are a few pictures that my brother Andrew Q and his wife Denise Q took for Kim and me. We are so excited about how they came out and my new wedding job is to put together a guest book photo book for the wedding. I am pretty excited about it and know that it will be hard to mess up because we will at least have some sweet pictures that will be in it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Moment

I often feel very safe and secure in where I live. Although it is not the most up and coming areas of town, I love all that it is. My end of the street can be very quiet at times when the northern section tends to be more rowdy. However, after a day like today, I notice different events or pains that exist around. Today at Neighborhood Thrift, it came to my attention that drugs are definitely around this area and can affect lives to those we care about. A very crucial conversation took place as I learned how drugs were affecting this guy and that it tends to take control w/ very little intention being needed. After leaving the store with that heavy on my heart I rode my bike down my street heading to City Hall for a meeting, right across the street I saw a volunteer hanging out outside of a neighbor’s house. Although I can be wrong, I got the sense that something shady had just happened and I may have appeared at a wrong time. I had a conversation with this guy who was an all-star volunteer and he informed that he got the job he was going for at Chuckchansi park being an extra hand around there when events/games were going on. This was a big accomplishment for him and I was super stoked to see him get some much-needed work. I pray that I am still able to enter into relationship with him later down the road but who knows.
Even tonight I am reminded that pain exists in this community as I observe really high dollar cars drive up and down the street. Ivan my roommate says that these could be cars from outside the neighborhood bringing drugs down or perhaps picking them up. I have seen cars drop prostitutes off down the street as to avoid them being put on the main drag. Although this is a very safe neighborhood for the most part, I should remember that good things aren’t always happening and God is calling for me to be a part of a small story of Fresno. He wants all of these people to be cared for and valued just as much as those on the north side of town but roadblocks tend to be set up in unfortunate times. As he uses my neighbors to be a part of his redeeming process, his ultimate goal is for them to see the hope of God and his Kingdom.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayer Time

I really wish i had more time to post on this but i don't have the internet at my house and am prohibited in doing so. I have had a lot of thoughts that i felt that i would like to post on here but never the time to log in and get it done. This season is one of prayer i feel. Prayer for my job and its future of waiting on a building and prayer for a marriage commitment that i am going to be making very soon as well as prayer for growing up and putting an offer on a house.

This is the one that we are in the waiting process for. A bid has been put on it from us and we just wait it out to see if God wills this to go through or whether we move into an apt or find something else. We know that it will only be because God destined this for us and its hard to not think/worry/be anxious about hearing back. It would be a great situation because it is really close to the Susan B school as well as the thrift store. Andrew/Denise/Kim and I went by there yesterday to show denise and i met the neighborhood who happens to be a shopper at Neighborhood Thrift. This is all that i will say and leave it in the hands of the Lord. He is good.

So as i was saying this is a real season to just keep prayer ahead of me although it doesn't happen half as much as i would like. Love and Peace

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life Update

Update on Life 1/09

Hallelujah. Who am I? I am constantly brought to this question in wondering why it is that God has given me all that he has.

1) A wonderful lady that is by my side to be married to me in May
2) Two great friends to run a thrift store with.
3) A brother and sister who live within a mile of me who I get to work with and be blessed with.
4) A terrific roommate to live with in a neighborhood in which we love.
5) A God who lets me be a part of what he is doing in Fresno.

I feel lately that I want to be much more introspective in this season of life. What does God want of me and how have my previous experiences formed who I am now. I am much more of a verbal processor and have learned this in living with Ivan. Challenging questions don’t seem to let up from me when someone asks me something I feel like I know but don’t really. Being challenged in different situations and staying away from the routine is what helps me thrive on a weekly/daily basis. Staying challenged helps me to think about how much actions and my heart are entwined and support each other (because they don’t always seem to do that).

Life is moving right along with the store doing great and expansion hopefully on the near future. Every week we are constantly learning more and growing as a team, that seems to manifest itself in many different ways (relationally with customers and volunteers, and financially). Marriage is coming soon and it can not come quicker, although I know we have a short engagement Kim has gotten most of it figured out w/ a bit of my assistance in that area. The date is May 2nd and if you think that you are invited you should plan on being there! Kim continues to blow my mind and reminds me that I am a very lucky man to belong to such a great girl. Hope that this post finds you well.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


The trip to Guatemala was one that gave all of those involved a smile on their face (at least I think). The team of 14 of us left on the 1st of January and returned on the 10th. It would be a long post if I were to write it all out but some of the highlights can be seen by looking at the pictures. We were able to experience Guatemalan culture in many different ways, by attending 8 different villages in 5 days we saw some of the most beautiful people in the world. Kids as young as 1 years old dressed in their traditional native Indian dress and mom’s who seemed as if they were 60 still breast-feeding. The people there were very hospitable and gave us their best which was sometimes displayed in a nice cold Coca-Cola or lovely pine needles spread out on the ground in order to provide a lovely aroma and keep the dust down. To see young and old celebrate in praise to God through kids worship and dancing put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Off to Guatemala

On New Years Day a team of 14 or so of us from the Well Community Church are headed down to Guatemala to spend some time serving w/ an organization call Christians in Action. This trip is an interesting one for me, as i feel like i haven't prepared too much for it by myself but have been doing plenty of group activities w/ those who are going. We have a spectacular team going and are looking forward to what lies ahead on this journey. You can check out what we are doing by looking at our blog as we will be updating it frequently. I will miss my lady but the trip will only be for 10 days, God always shows his love and grace in distance such as this. Please pray for us, PEACE

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I got myself a future wife!

On December 21st I proposed to Kimberly Urquhart. She said YES and now we are moving towards getting married to each other on May 2nd 2009. Plans are coming together and we are trying to enjoy this even though hiccups come along. She is a very special gal that loves God very much and wants to follow Him all of her days. Because of this i know that God has prepared an amazing future of unknown events in our lives.